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  1. How to train Big Bear to not go to bed
    On how to train Big Bear to not go to bed. For many people who like to raise pets, the round Bie is a very popular pet dog, and there are many people in Yangbi Bear. Bear is a sticky dog. When the owner sleeps, he will follow the owner to climb into bed, and the training Biter does not go to bed. It is also a problem that the owners need to think about. Let ’s share how to train Big Bear to bed.
    On how to train Big Bear without going to bed 1. Bear can be aware of the emotions of the owner

    The sticky bears are very delicate. Will be afraid. If the bear in your house runs to the bed, you need to drink it at this time. The sound is appropriate, showing a very angry look. The Bideline knows that the owner is unhappy because he goes to bed, and will not commit it again next time. Some bears are more naughty, and shovel officers can scare it with a stick. A few times to scare a few times, it will be effective. But pay attention to moderate, don't really take a stick with a stick. Because the puppy is also a child, the master hurts. If the bear is obedient to get off the bed, it should be given to the bear snacks to express the recognition of its behavior.
    . The members of the family should be together

    Is when the bichon -bears at home do not go to bed, every member of the family must have one heart. Each member must insist to prevent Bie Bear in bed. Because some children in the house have a few years old, they will hold the bear to bed. To develop the habit of not going to bed, such behaviors must not be prohibited, and it cannot happen once. If a bear is allowed to go to bed at a time, Bichon will think that such behavior is allowed, and there will be no scruples next time. Therefore, it is necessary to unanimously forbid Big Bear to bed. Can't be a mirror, one allows, such a bad behavior will not come over for a long time.
    3. Lock the bedroom door
    . Do not let the Bichon bears go to bed. Because the bed is soft, Bichon will like it. Close the door at any time and not give the bear opportunities, which can also effectively protect the cleanliness of the room. If the bichon has developed the habit of relying on the bed, it is necessary to correct long -term guidance and training to correct it. The owner also has to be discouraged, change the habit of Bichon, and correct it with patience and time. Remember not to hurt Bichon, because they are also cute lives.
    On how to train Big Bear to not bed 2 1. Bi Bear Walk Training
    The first walking dog walk and install it. It is advisable to reach two fingers between the neck and the collar. The correct way to take a walk for a dog is to let the dog be on the left side of the owner. Do not pull the dog running, you should tighten your band. After the dog is used to it, even if there is no band, it will not run randomly.
    2. Bichon barking is not training
    The dog barking really bother people. At first, when the dog barked, drank the dog: "Don't call!" Make the dog stop barking immediately. If it is invalid, use rolling the newspaper tube to hit it. This training method is better.
    3. Big Bear dogs are not chaotic training
    The dogs have a habit of rushing towards the owner at a fast speed. This behavior sometimes gets clothes and makes people feel troublesome. When a guest visited, the dog rushed up, making the guests scared, and the owner felt difficult to feel affection. The method of correction is to say "no" to the dogs who rushed up, while touching the dog's nose with your hands. After repeated several times, the dog will no longer run because of teaching.
    4. Dining training for Bear dogs
    The feeding dogs must be fixed in one place, within a certain period of time, and supplies with fixed tableware. Let dogs learn to eat food after the host is permitted. First put the tableware filled in front of the dog, hold down the body to sit down. If the dog is eaten immediately if you don't listen to the password, you have to pick up the tableware immediately and wait until it takes a small post. "Yes", and then let it start eating.
    5. Big Bear "Sit down" training
    This handle on the dog's waist and pressed down, "sit down, sit down" while pressing it. At a certain distance, a "sit down" command is issued, and at the same time, put your hand to put down the horizontal level, repeated several times. After the dog is proficient in this action, just use gestures to signal, you don't need to send a command to work.
    6. Big Bear "Bye" and "Turn" Training
    First find the food that the Bichon dog likes to eat on the dog's head. Training it on this basis, and finally trains to the password of "turning" and will rotate.
    7. Big Bear dogs reach out and "handshake" training
    . At the beginning, the shout "reached out", then picked up its left front foot with one hand, and picked up its right front foot, one hand, While saying, "Okay, okay", while pulling out one hand to touch the dog's throat or chest, you can also give it some food, so you will learn faster.
    8. Big Bear dogs came to train
    The first led the dog belt, shouting "over", gently pulled the straps, and ran over the dog's neck and ran over. After getting used to it, you can unbutton the band and pull away the distance for training.
    9. Big Bargaining Dogs lying down for training
    First let the dog take a "sit down" posture, and then shout "lying down" password, pull the dog's two front feet forward, and press the dog lightly, and press the dog lightly Back, let it be on the ground and do this repeatedly.
    10. Bichon dog refuses to eat
    This dogs only eat things given by the owner, not to eat things given by others. During training, you must first choose a person who is not familiar with a family dog. This person will feed the dog with chili or very bitter food. After eating, the dog will feel spicy and uncomfortable. All strangers will refuse to eat.
    11. Big Bear "bite", "Songkou" and "Bring" training
    The training requires compulsory and compression. Usually use a short wooden stick, first order it to "bite", at the same time pinch the dog's ears with one hand, and take a short stick to let it bite with his mouth. You must repeatedly practice. The way to train it is to let it sit down, put things more than a dozen meters away from the dog, shout "bite it", and after it bite, it ordered it to get it. If the stick is dropped halfway, the owner must go to the place where the drop is dropped, pick up the wooden stick, then let the dog hold it, and then push the things with your hands, say "OK, good", and touch its head. After the action is skilled, you can train it to bite and walk.
    12. Big Bear is waiting for training
    Is when the puppy learns to "wait a little", you can take it to the quiet square for walk. Let the dog sit down first, and then pass the password "not allowed to move", you can pick up the front end of the strap and slowly back to the around the dog. At this time, if the dog changes the posture, it will train from scratch. After the dog learns to do this, the owner can let go of the strap to go far and let it wait patiently.

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