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  1. The cause of the dog's hair loss
    1. Natural hair loss

    The metabolism of dogs is very fast in summer. In addition, the dog hair has its own life cycle, and it is normal to fall off. At the same time, dogs in fertility, estrus, or older periods will also have normal hair loss. rnrn2、皮肤病rnrn虽然夏天狗狗掉毛是正常现象,但如果出现频繁掉毛或者大面积掉毛,主人们也不能掉以轻心哦,因为这It is most likely that dogs have skin diseases. Compared to normal hair removal, dogs with skin diseases will experience symptoms such as itching, redness, and dandruff.

    Is when the parasites are active in summer, parasitic infection will cause great harm to the dog. If the dog's hair is accompanied by the skin redness, it is recommended to take it to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

    3, improper selection of washing supplies

    The hair of the dog is a neutral hair tissue, and the human hair is weakly acidic, so if the dogs are used for the dog for a long time The shower gel can also cause dogs to lose hair or even skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right wash supplies for dogs.

    It 10-15 layers of human skin, while dogs have only 3-5 layers, so dogs cannot take a bath every day like humans, at most once a week.

    How to reduce hair loss?
    01, regular combing hair

    When the dog naturally fell hair, the owner can help it sort out the hair twice in the morning and evening, so that you can not only remove the old dandruff and dead brush that you can accumulate usual accumulated, False, prevent fur tango, can also make the dog's hair more tough, and promote blood circulation and enhance skin resistance.

    It is actually very comfortable when the dog is combed. Comb help helps it to relieve fatigue, so the owner does not have to treat combing hair as a job or housework. This is actually you and dogs. Process of emotional communication.

    This is recommended to use dog brush for dogs, which is better.

    02, food care

    This hair quality is linked to nutrition, nutrition keeps up, and dog hair is naturally not so easy to drop, even the dog's hair color It will also look better. These nutrients are functioning for dog hair:

    protein, sufficient protein can ensure the quality of dog hair, make it stronger, and reduce hair fork. Especially for long hair dogs, sufficient protein can make it difficult to break the hair.

    The protein foods suitable for dogs include fish (removing fish bone), egg yolk (dogs are not easy to digest protein), milk, meat, etc.

  2. It is recommended that the pet owner can add some foods rich in protein, vitamin E, vitamin D, such as salmon, avocado, etc. in the daily diet of the dog

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