5 thoughts on “How much does it cost for dogs to do insect deworming for dogs, do you know?”

  1. Dedicide in the body: Generally between 10 and 80 yuan, imported medicines will be more expensive. Byl and Flaen, which are commonly used in hospitals, need to be deworming once within three months. In vitro deworming: Generally, between 60 and 150 yuan, imported medicines are also more expensive. Hospitals are commonly used in the hospital, Flai, and so on.
    If Note:
    The puppies are recommended for 6 weeks (after breast breaking) to carry out in vitro deworming, and the in vivo deworm is carried out at the age of 8 weeks of the dog. If a dog is found to have parasitic infections during this period, you must use the pills of insect repellent to choose a suitable age deworming medicine.
    Sugs Regarding the insect repellent cycle: Dogs are recommended to repel the body in the body and outside the body in January before the age of one year. After the age of 1, you can consider the body in vitro once in January, and deworming in the body once in March.

    If found that after the dog is feeds the body deworming medicine, there is a drainage of insects, and it needs to be strengthened in the body within half a month. If there are a large number of in vitro parasites infection, you need to perform in vitro -insecticide first to strengthen prevention.

  2. Basically, 50 or 60 yuan is done, just buy a bottle and go back to drive insects.
    The body surface parasites are available all year round. Flea and lice can be driven with pets. If you raise pets, you should prevent prevention in advance.
    The dewracular deworming for dogs once on a regular basis.
    A effective prevention of extraterrestrial population. If you do n’t care, it may cause health problems such as stomach, skin, and skin, and may even be fatal in severe cases.

  3. What kind of medicine is depends on? Generally, the in vitro dewracular deworming in the body of pet shops or hospitals ranges from 30 ~ 60. If you buy medicine yourself, there are more than ten or twenty -twenty -twenty -twenty one. This is the price on the Internet, and the physical store will be more expensive

  4. In vitro deworming, it is generally used for prevention. The price of domestic brands is about 20-30 yuan. It is not expensive. At least seven or eighty-one imported from imports. See how you choose.

  5. Abroad 80--120
    The domestic about 38 yuan.
    It you can find a pet doctor to come to you, so that you can save a lot of trouble. In addition, it is generally more expensive to go to the hospital, and there are too many environmental diseases in the hospital. Infectious diseases have gone to a lot of risks. So for the safety of the dog, try to be at home

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